Confectioners, Cigar Dealers & Dressmakers

From the late 19th-century into the 1950s, Alexandria’s city directories denoted African Americans with a “c” or an asterisk. Richmond’s Directory of Alexandria for 1897-98 used an asterisk for the following individuals in the business listings, indicating that these barbers, grocers and other business people were African American.
Last NameFirst NameAddressBusiness/Occupation
BaltimoreFrank204 North Fayette StCigar Dealer
BellCarrie120 North West StDressmaker
BentleyRichard W.313 North Patrick StCoal & Wood
BotelerHarry B.716 North Henry StCoal & Wood
BottsJoseph718 North Washington StFlorist
BowleySamuel T.439 South Columbus StEating House
BraxtonElla320 North Fairfax StEating House
BrownHenry115 North St. Asaph StDyer & Scourer
BurkeWilhelmina G.207 South Washington StNurse
BushJohn318 South Columbus StTailor
ChapmanLouisa P.821 Queen StDressmaker
ClarkRobert B.716 North Washington StBoot & Shoe Makers & Repairers
ClarkEllen1320 Prince StEating House
Coleman & Davis1005 Wolfe StMilk Dealer
DiggsWilliam312 North Fairfax StBarber
DudleyEdward W.1010 North Columbus StConfectioner
Dulany & Son504 King StBarber
DuttonArthur115 South Union StBarber
FrazierErnest J.622 South Washington StCoal & Wood
GainesRobert220 North Fayette StBoot & Shoe Makers & Repairers
GrayCharles432 South Columbus StBoot & Shoe Makers & Repairers
HammondWilliam M.104 South Washington StBarber
HammondHattie F.624 South Washington StNotions
HillEdmund1012 Wythe StGrocer
HollingerWilliamsStall 3, Market SquareProduce Dealer
HolmesCora L.533 South Columbus StGrocer
JacksonCharles1007 Wolfe StBoot & Shoe Makers & Repairers
JacksonSamuel C.1406 King StBoot & Shoe Makers & Repairers
JacksonCharles F.North Royal St extendedGrocer
JacksonW.N.200 North Payne StGrocer
JenkinsRobert301 South Union StStoves & Tinware
JohnsonAlbert814 Duke StPhysician
JonesJohn510 North Alfred StGun & Locksmith
KeyCharles204 North Fayette StCigar Dealer
KingGeorge T.104 South Peyton StBarber
LawsonJosephus1121 Queen StGrocer
LucasBenjamin F.206 North Fayette StBarber
LumpkinsGustavus810 Queen StBoot & Shoe Makers & Repairers
Madden Bros.913 Duke StTinner
MadellaWilliam H.217 South Alfred StretPhysician
NorrisAbraham L.319 Cameron StBarber
NorrisAbraham L.319 Cameron StBilliards & Pool
NorrisOliverFranklin & S Patrick StsBlacksmiths & Wheelwrights
ParkerCharles L.231 North Henry StBarber
PoindexterJohn A.638 South Columbus StGrocer
RichardsonSandy1210 Cameron StMeat Market
RobinsonMagnus L.606 Gibbon StPublisher
Ross & Thompson1025 King StBarber
ShackelfordAnnafoot of Oronoco StEating House
SpenceGilson1219 Cameron StBoot & Shoe Makers & Repairers
Tancil & Shelton427 King StBarber
TerrellThomasS Washington & Wilkes StsBoot & Shoe Makers & Repairers
The Leader606 Gibbon StNewspapers & Periodicals
ThomasJohn H.1316 Prince StBlacksmiths & Wheelwrights
TriplettArthur H.116 North Royal StBarber
WatsonJames W.123 North Fayette StEating House
WebbStrother W.428 North Patrick StBoot & Shoe Makers & Repairers
WestKate222 1/2 South West StConfectioner
WhitingWilliam H.517 Gibbon StCoal & Wood
WhitingWilliam H.517 Gibbon StGrocer
WrightLucinda111 South Union StEating House


  1. I'm so envious that you live in my old area. Your list is interesting and I was hoping to find a 420 South St. Asaph St., but no luck! Interesting post. Thanks you.


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